About Me

Mini Me:

I am Jewish educator, lecturer, and writer. I love good music, good wine and Ba’al Shem Tov stories (in any order). I live in the Golan Heights with my husband and our five children.

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That's pretty much what I look like

The Ganzeh Megilla:

I am a Maker. I make bread and folk art and babies. The babies are my best work to date.  Five so far, ages 4-14.

I write. Chabad.org, Thejewishwoman.org, the Times of Israel, Hevria and Kveller are a few of my most recent stomping grounds. This blog is my new “publishing house” where I will do my best to deliver content that is helpful, inspiring, funny or otherwise share-worthy. Failure to do so is the sole responsibility of this author who will continue to try anyway.

I am a Jewish educator and a public speaker. I recently hitched a ride on the Jewish lecture circuit, and am picking up some blessed steam and meeting some amazing people along the way. I have been honored to speak regularly for Mayanot Women’s Program, Israel Links, and the UJIA, as well as visiting missions and groups that come to the Holy Land looking for user-friendly, down-to-earth -spiritually infused Jewish inspiration (yes, that’s a thing). I also host “shabbatonim” and workshops around Israel (and beyond).

I am a mentor. My years as an educator have led me to the coaching and gentle guidance-counseling of others. I draw from my years of teaching, my background on staff at chabad.org as a contributing author to the “Ask Rachel” and “Ask the Rabbi” columns. In addition to my years of private mentoring at Mayanot women’s program, Torat Chesed, Tikvah and Ascent of Tsfat.

I offer workshops (primarily) for women who want to expand and deepen their connection to their inner-selves. I like to explore everyday activities and ideas, like marketing, relationships, dating, music and art and unpack the  traditional, Jewish thread.

My classes explore the spiritual elements that exist in everyday stuff; I take every opportunity through written and spoken word to try to bring -if not just a little bit- of heaven down to earth.

I am a feet on the ground, go hard or go home kind of gal. I infuse all of my work with equal measure of heart, sweat and soul. I am ever fascinated by the interplay between the holy and the mundane. If I were allowed only one bumper sticker with which to encapsulate my purpose it would read “Sanctify the permissible” Or “Just do it.” It’s a toss-up.

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