Photo credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Today’s update is gonna be quick.

It’s been 17 days since all hell broke loose in these parts.
Today was the first day I traveled to work in Beit Shemesh – a two and half hour’s ride, each way, south, on Road Six.

Usually, The Six is trafficy.
It wasn’t today.
Over the past many months, the bridges that intersect with The Six are peppered with anti or pro-reform messages.
Today they were filled with Israeli flags and signs that said “Together we Win.”
I got emotional.

The sense of togetherness – of brotherhood in this country is rock solid.
On the road, at the market, at work, everywhere.

Work was good. It was nice to to get out, and focus completely on something that is not war.

I took advantage of the trip south to have coffee with two of my dearest girlfriends.
That was so good.

I ran a few errands, that was good to.

While we still don’t know if or when Hezbollah will throw themselves into this fully,
While we still don’t know if or when our ground troops will enter in Gaza,
While we still don’t know the fate of all our hostages,
While we still don’t know….

We still get to come home after a long day out.
May that be a forever reality – for all of us.