You have every right to be outraged.  

Every right to fear, to rage, to tremble and roar.
To demand of the One Gd of us all,
Gd of Mercy
Gd of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob
Gd of Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca, and Leah.
No matter how long it’s been since you last spoke;

You have skin in the game.   

That hurt you feel in the center of your being.
That ache that lives on the edges of your sleep.
That open wound that pounds in your heart.

You have skin in the game. 

That soldier driving the tank with his unit into the fires of Gaza – that brave, Gd fearing, strong, healthy young man is your son. 

That infantry captain, leading her unit, protecting our position along our southern borders – that fine, fierce, strong, beautiful young woman is your daughter.  

When you pray,
Pray as her mother.

When you pray,
Pray as his father. 

You have skin in this game.

In your moments of awe. 
Moments of strength.
Moments of faith.
Moments of action.

Remember that you are one with the nation that is blessed with generations of kin as numerous as the stars of the sky and the dust of the earth.
You stand with us as a Light to the nations
You stand with heaven and earth itself. 

You have skin in the game. 

When you sponsor a meal or donate towards shelter for a family who lost their home to terror.

You have skin in the game. 

When you preach the truth of the State of Israel to the outer margins of the choir. 

You have skin in the game.

When you tell the truth about who Israel is, always has been, and forever will be. 

When you expose the heinous and haunting truths about who this enemy really is.

When you name this war’s collaborators.
When you bear witness to the media pogroms and speak out against them.
When you realize that this is a war of good against evil, and while this first act is being played out on Israel’s stage – this is not Israel’s war alone. We are just the nation they have always sought to destroy first.

When you pull your funding from institutions that refuse to stop pro-terror on their campuses, in their libraries. 

When you use your unique connections, skills, and resources, to do the work and send the messages that will cause the largest possible reverb.

Let there be no mistake. 

You have skin in the game. 

I Sarah Ruth, daughter of Tova and Mordechai, granddaughter of Yechzkel, Esther, Chanan, and Charlyn. Great granddaughter of Anna, Jacob, Tzvi, and Zeisel, a lioness from the tribe of Judah, invite you, my brother, my sister to roar with me, with us, and rage against this machine.