Shabbat is coming.

Usually, this idea excites me because it signals a day of rest.
An unplugging of things.
A whole body exhale. 

It’s all those things.

In order to really enjoy shabbat, you gotta put in some pre-game prep.
There’s a whole list of jobs that we each have in order to get the house ready for shabbat. 

So, in addition to the candle light and sanctity it brings, the coming of shabbat in my house also means there will be toilet paper and tissue in each bathroom.
There will be food in the fridge.
Grapes for dessert.
Garbage cans will get emptied.
The living room floor will be swept and washed.
The rug will get lifted.
A few surfaces will get dusted
Table tops cleared.
Kitchen counters scrubbed and cleaned.
Fresh bread will get made.
There’s a solid plan for the next two meals and the promise of leftovers.

Today I found myself grateful for the simple fact of a deeply ingrained weekly ritual.

Shabbat is stable.

A constant in a wildly capricious time. 


I saw a rainbow today.

After the flood, Gd promised Noah that He would never again bring a flood that would destroy the world, he used a rainbow as a sign of His promise.
So, the rainbow is a loaded Jewish symbol that serves as a reminder of this deal that Gd made with Noah way back when… to not destroy the whole wide world.

I appreciated the reminder. It was well timed.

Jews have a blessing for rainbows too. 

Blessed are You, Lord our G‑d, King of the universe, who remembers the covenant, and is faithful to His covenant, and keeps His promise.


On a similar thread, this video moved me deeply. It’s worth the watch (thank you Rivky for the English subtitles).
This is Galit Distel Atbaryan, a Knesset member presenting during the first hearing of a new law concerning support for the families of the hostages.

Shabbat shalom friends and family.

I love you all. So, so much.