It’s a good time to be a Jew.
A crazy time, a scary time,
But, it’s a good time to be a Jew.
Our ability to reach each other – to connect is faster than it’s ever been.
The sense of tribal togetherness -unity- the awareness that we’re not living through this alone is palpable.
I maintain. It’s a good time to be a Jew.

We can all see by now that Israel is not the only stage where this war is raging.
Islamic jihad is real and it is not limited to the Middle East.

Ventura County


Jews of the diaspora – trying to find your way through the darkness of hate’s shadow.
You are not alone.
We see you. We love you. We support you.
(Come home).

Ilan Muallem said it so well in this video. 

Infidels unite! 

To the friends of my people, who I also consider my people.
We’re in this together too.
We share a common enemy.
One that considers you an infidel just like me. 

Infidels unite! 

Wave your flags.
Raise your voices.
Stand your ground.
Let’s unite and fight against the forces that threaten the pursuit of life and liberty for all who cling to the desire (and directive) to choose life. 

It doesn’t matter if we call our Gd by a different name.

We’re just different branches growing from the same trunk.
We both have roots in this land. 

I don’t know this preacher/pastor’s name, but he makes a great point in this video.
I like his style.

Let’s hear it for the (cow)boys

Cowboys from US arrive in Israel to help with farming

A group of cowboys and ranchers from Arkansas and Montana arrived in Israel to volunteer to help farmers and ranchers suffering a shortage of workers since October 7; these guys are not Jewish and they paid for their own trips.

I love you boys.
You are welcome in our home. 
Thank you for standing with us.
Thank you for helping.

Food is love 

A few of my girlfriends got together and opened a home-based “cafe” today and extended an invitation to all the women of our community to come, eat, and enjoy.
They prepared the most beautiful, homemade, nurturing, generous spread; sponsored
by our local community emergency response team.
To say I felt loved and seen and supported is an understatement.
It was the most accepting, validating, kind, and spot-on act of kindness I have personally experienced since this that Black Sabbath 33 days ago. 

Stay safe out there.
Love to you from the Golan.

Brunch at Keren's