Ma’ayan Bracha.

May Gd bless you and keep you safe and protected in all ways.

May you walk in your truth.
May you know your strength and may it rise within you.
When you call upon it may it answer, הנני. Here I am.

May you be guided by good and just leaders who see who you are and place you where you are best suited to contribute, grow, lead, and shine.

Trust yourself.
Trust your body.
Learn your body’s limits, and when needed, learn to push past them.

May you stay safe and whole in mind, body, and soul.

May your service be full of meaning and personal growth.

May your socks stay dry and your self confidence strong.
May the light in your eyes stay bright.

Know that Gd is with you in all ways. Trust that relationship. Invest in it.

Stay strong.
Sleep when you can.
Take care of your feet.
Don’t forget to stretch.
Stay hydrated.

Know that we are so proud of the strong, brave, beautiful young warrior you have become.

Go in peace and return in peace.

I love you.