It’s just a couple hours before shabbat comes in.

News of the four killed in a Hamas terrorist attack in Jerusalem landed yesterday morning.
News of Mia Schem’s release (along with seven others) landed yesterday afternoon. (She is the sister of our dear friend’s housemate).
News of Hamas (again) breaking the ceasefire by firing rockets into Israel landed in the early hours this morning.
News that our troops, including several of our dear friends, are heading back into Aza to fight landed late morning.
News of incoming rockets to the Upper Galilee landed two minutes ago (at the time of this writing).

We live a lot of life in a short span of time.
It can make your head spin.
As it does mine from time to time.
Also, sometimes I can ride these waves with slightly more steady feet.
It’s not about things getting easier – it’s more about learning to live with it all.
Slowly, slowly.

Ma’ayani came home (in her uniform!) with great stories to tell.
I picked her up in Rosh Pina, bought her a few things she needed, shared a big “Relax” flavored fruit shake (pineapple, mango, mango passion fruit sorbet, yogurt, fresh squeezed apple) and brought her back home.
It is so great to have her here; so fun to hear about her daily schedule, and get a feel for what she’s doing.
She looks great, sounds great, and all in all has enjoyed her first few days in basic training.

On my walk this morning, I ran into an old friend who shared beautiful perspective about togetherness and unity.
How divided we were as a people before this war began, how we forgot how to speak truth, how to speak “heart-to-heart” with each other.
He shared two amazing examples of heart-to-heart awareness that he had witnessed.
I got teary.
I walked away feeling empowered.
Feeling clear about the person I want to be.

I could feel the clarity of that unity walking down the street in Rosh Pina today with Ma’ayani in her uniform; the nods of understanding, the smiles, the eye contact that tells you, “I see you. Thank you.”

We live a lot of life in a short amounts of time out here in these parts.
Depth and meaning is part of the even the most “superficial” encounters around here.

Please Gd, may we continue to stay together, united, as a people, as a community, as a state, as a nation- along with all who support us.
Bless our soldiers with safety, strength, and success in their mission(s).
May their Mamas be blessed with restful sleep, faithful hearts, and total confidence in their success and safe return.

Shabbat shalom