I’ll be honest – I didn’t read much news today.

I peeked at a few headlines this morning and once again, just now.

That’s it.

No social media either.

It’s not like I made some decision.
Or drew some line.

I just can’t do it today.


I want to say out loud for myself and anyone who needs to hear it.
It’s okay to not feel the full weight of this war everyday.

It’s okay to rest.

It’s okay to get busy with life stuff.
With Chanukah stuff.
With kids on vacation stuff.

It’s okay to have a good day that didn’t contribute to the war effort explicitly.

Our soldiers are fighting so that we can have good, normal days.

So that we can run our errands without fear.

So that we can sit in a cafe with our kids and our friends and enjoy a slow morning over a good cup of coffee and an almond croissant.

I just want to say that it’s okay.

That is all.

Enjoy the sunset I caught this evening on my ride with Harley.

(No filter by the way, that’s really what it looked like).

Happy Chanukah friends.
May revealed miracles abound.