I did not write this post. If anyone knows who the original author is, please let me know so I can give her/him credit. It is beautiful.

With blessings for a shabbat shalom.

There is not a soul in our nation doing nothing right now.

Every single light, doing its unique part to fight this darkness.

To those on the frontlines
To those behind the scenes
To those protecting us
To those being called up to
To those cooking and baking
To those delivering and collecting
To those fundraising
To those defending online
To those praying
To those learning torah
To those making tzizit
To those visiting Shiva homes
To those drawing for our soldiers
To those opening their homes
To those offering free services
To those attending funerals
To those packing supplies
To those checking in on their families, friends and communities
To those standing with us
To those taking on interviews
To those telling the truth
To those updating the world
To those comforting the broken
To those visiting the injured
To those adopting frightened pets
To those singing beside hospital beds
To those healing
To those babysitting small kids
To those holding one another
To those trying to catch their breath
To those lighting up the world in blue and white
To those singing hatikva on their balconies
To those handing out blue ribbons
To those waving our flags
To those supporting families in the south in every way possible
To those lighting extra shabbat candles
To those taking on an extra mitzvah
To those making the most impossible decisions
To those raising morale and lifting spirits
To those hugging their children
To those finding humor
To those running to shelters
To those offering guidance and support
To those sharing inspiration and chizuk
To those trying to get through the next minute
To those aching for their families and friends and loved ones
To those uniting
To those awake all night
To those trying their best to get a drop of sleep
To those coping with the utterly unthinkable
To those who are brave
To those who are afraid
To those who have faith
To those searching for theirs
To those with so many questions
To those who are angry
To those longing for peace

To those who came together – unconditionally

To those enveloping us from near and far…

Every single one, doing their part to make Israel and the entire world safer and brighter.

We need you.
We thank you.
We love you.

You matter!

So very much.

More than you can begin to imagine.

Nothing is insignificant.

Everything we do right now matters.

One nation. One heart