Some days I show up to this blank page and I have nothing to say.

Nothing at all.

Then I remember why I show up here, to this page at all.

I am here to bear witness to this experience.

To document what each day since Oct 7th has been for me.

So that I don’t forget.

Because this matters.

All of it.

The big stuff and the more nuanced moments.

I don’t want to forget any of it.

I write so that I can remember and honor this hard-earned experience.

I write to share.

I write to help myself understand – and make sense of.

So, here I am at 9:57 pm.

Finally home, under my covers, in my bed after a very long day on the roads and at the office.

Trying to find a few words that feel true and right in this moment.

This is all I’ve got today.

It’s time for bed now.

Goodnight sweet people.