Woke up to the news of a pro-terror Muslim lynch mob storming Russia’s Dagestan airport terminal as a flight from Israel landed.
Pondered where one group of people can amass so much blind rage.
Worried about my people aboard.

Said my prayers.
Meant them.

Went for a walk with Hadar and Harley.
Talked. Sweat. Laughed.
Flipped the bird towards Lebanon and Syria.
Made a few very average pro-Israel videos we’ll likely never share.

Did a couple hours of volunteer work.

Made myself a nice breakfast.
Shared it with a neighbor.

Did a couple hours of work-work.

Played a single round tournament of backgammon, Yahtzee, and Rummy Kub with Shishi. (She won two out of three, making her the “Queen.” Again.)

Realized with total clarity that I want Chris Stapleton to write a love song to the Children of Israel.

Smiled and felt safe and proud as I saw three nine-year-old girls walking down my street together singing “Am Yisrael Chai” to each other.

Delighted in the news we received this afternoon that Ori Megidish, a female IDF soldier who was abducted from the Nahal Oz IDF army base near the Gaza Strip on Oct. 7th by Hamas terrorists was released to her family after a successful overnight ground operation. Go Shin Bet and IDF.

Cried when I saw a short video of her rubbing her grandmother’s face to comfort her.
Cried when I saw the news anchor ask a guest to borrow his yarmulka so he could say this blessing on live television, “Blessed are You, Lord, our Gd, King of the Universes, who releases the bound [prisoners].”

Read a beautiful quote from Rav Kook:
“When the soul shines — even a murky sky glows with a pleasant light.”
Was reminded that in this Jewish month of Cheshvan, the days get shorter and night time falls earlier. This is the time when our inner light makes the strongest impact. We are the contrast.

Pulled myself to this screen to document another day. Not just for you. For me too.

Exhaled a sign of relief, gratitude, and exhaustion as I press publish and wish you all a good and safe night.