Content marketing director and lead creative.


2015 – 2018


Helped scale this brand globally, created an international community and delivered high-level content for digital and live events.

Walk This Way

Every event we hosted centered around a central theme the cannabis industry was facing at the time. Education was a huge component of what we did. So, we created educational opportunities that would bring stories alive in beautiful, creative and interactive ways. From walkways to stage design to table tops, we never missed an opportunity to send a message.

Photo on left, the walkway at our annual flagship event in Tel Aviv featuring Israeli innovation in cannabis science. Photo on right, the story of “what cannabis is” on a wall we created for an event in Sydney, Australia. Photo below, our famed “history of cannabis” walkway.

CannaTech Tel Aviv cannabis history walls

The CannaTech Experience

A glimpse at a some of the content we created to make this one of the hottest events in the cannabis space today.

Next Level Brand Dev

It was an incredible experience to be a part of the team that not only created this awesome brand but also helped scale it globally. CannaTech has set up shop on six different continents and created an unrivaled, international platform that gives voice to the most influential voices in the cannabis industry today. I’m proud to have been a part of it from the get-go.

Sarah was an integral part of building CannaTech to the brand it is today. She did an exceptional job of giving CannaTech its visual and written voice and always brings great energy to everything she does.” – Saul Kaye, founder CannaTech