Brand Development


September 2019 – present


Complete brand style guide, visual and written. Web copy and other brand-related assets.


I listen hard to people and the stories they tell. I have a knack for translating that understanding into words and pairing those words with visuals. These stories have the power to transform people. Tali Pais does just this for live events; she uses her skill to spark & harness transformation of space and of experience.


Because Tali Pais is already an established brand, we didn’t want to push it too far. We kept the bones of the previous logo, but tightened up the typography, and breathed a new, sleek spirit into it.
The design work is a collaboration with the fabulous Maayan Caloo-Levin of The Lul Creative Studio who created the visuals.

Visual Language: The Soul Of The Brand

The more a brand understands its unique sound, the more directly it can place itself in front of the people who need to hear it. Think of the words as your lyrics and the visuals as your chords. We realized early on that typography would lead the visuals. We pulled the A’s to reference the A-list clients Tali serves and the perfectly balanced curve of the S to speak to the flow that is intrinsic to the event experience journey.

Tali knows who she is. We chose a bright, almost neon yellow that speaks to warmth, optimism, quirk, and can-do, balanced by the neutrality and steadiness of the grays and the peace of mind that comes with a clean, crisp white.

The Art Of Celebrating

The real joy in working with Tali & Amit Pais is their openness. They allowed me to really “get in there” and explore the essence of who they are, what they do, and why they do it, and then pull all those threads through into a cohesive visual style. 

Working with Sarah is a true pleasure. From the first moment, even just on the phone, you can feel her positivity and presence. When Sarah steps into a room, she’s like a magnet of energy, creativity, and passion.
She gives you the feeling that you are her only client, and that your work is her whole world. She’s all there.”
– Tali Pais, Founder Tali Pais Production