Freelance creative, copywriter & copy editor.


December 2018 – October 2019


Copy for live events, promotional brochures, video scripts, collaboration on national campaigns.

Spoken Word

Where most saw a rundown neighborhood, WeWork saw a springboard forward; “a district set to soar above the grit and pavement of southern Tel Aviv, a metropolis built of sand, surf, street, and sky. Home to dreamers and doers. A renaissance of culture and flavor.” That vision was the inspiration for this script.

Print Ads

It was a huge treat to be a part of the creative team that launched this outstanding and highly visible national print ad campaign. Led by the incredibly talented EliorJerbi.

Wherever The Brand Is

From messaging about WeWork’s float at the Pride parade (Better Togther), to copy for their Step Inside brochures and swag, to video scripts and open bar events for WeWork partners, I covered a lot of ground, worked with top talent, and had an absolute blast.

Sarah is an accurate, necessary, and inspiring partner to the creative journey and a true professional. She is an expert in communication and shines a spotlight on values worth embracing. Most importantly, she always acts with grace, out of love, and true belief. It’s a real pleasure to work with her.” – Elior Jerbi, Head of Marketing, WeWork Israel