Nothing feels settled. 

Nothing feels under control.


We, in our home, are fine. 

We are safe.

Still, there is a palpable terror that buzzes through the fabric of all things unfolding in this land. The birds are still singing, and the Golan’s sky is wide and bright, peppered by the rumbling of jets from time to time; a low, constant hum, like an inhale that can’t find release. The tension is physical. 

Our people, branches of our own trees are not fine.

Have endured and continue to endure horrors beyond measure. 


Pain that can not be contained. 

It is everywhere. 

No one is unaffected. 

At war with monsters.

Security breached. 

On every level.

Our dear friends, close as kin, fighting, searching, rescuing on the front lines, and holed up in bomb shelters down south. Unrelenting rocket fire.

It’s too much to take in,  too much to process. 

So, we breathe. 

Create a tiny bit of distance between ourselves and the fear. 

Gather strength where we can, so we share it with those who need it.

We pray.

There are no missiles here in the Golan at this time.

No monsters in sight. May it stay thay way. There was a little action in Lebanon this morning,  but so far, quiet.

No sirens here at this time. May it stay that way. 

Our local security forces (all friends and neighbors) are guarding our gates. 

We have opened our home as a place of refuge for anyone who needs it. 

The girls lined up to donate blood. They were turned away because they had already received enough…so many others had arrived before them.

Today, the girls are babysitting for locals whose fathers were called up to service yesterday. 

Chezi and his friend are harvesting grapes and bottling wine for our friend and neighbor who was called in to serve yesterday – so he won’t lose his crop. 

I have a group of mothers with kids in active duty that I am in contact with several times daily. Just to check in and hold space, share strength. 

We have been instructed to stay near bomb shelters. 

The terrorists won the first round. 

Terror abounds.


We are awake now. We are gathering our strength.

They will not win again.

May Gd protect the people of Israel – citizens and soldiers – forever, amen. 

Thank you for your love and concern. We feel it. It helps.