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Printable Poster- 30 Ways To Banish “I’m Bored”… For Good.

Shhhh. Can you hear that?? That’s the sound of the Boredom Beast closing up shop.

Thank you so much for singing up. ENJOY this poster with 30 REALLY GOOD ideas to put that beast to rest.


Download PDF version here:   Boredom Isn’t Even A Thing….

Print this poster and stick it on your fridge or on your kid’s forehead. Make it your life screen-saver. Turn it into a Twister mat. Memorize it and recite it backwards. Translate it into another language. Share it with your friends, and have them act out each idea with interpretive dance moves.

Because life is way too ripe with what we can do to waste time not knowing what we should do .

No more excuses kiddos. Get up up off that thang and do something awesome.