Time moves differently these days.

Most of the day, I feel like I’m racing time. 

I don’t have much to share today. I sat in the garden this morning with Shahar and he told me about the funeral. He marveled at the depth of the sadness and the strength of Amitay’s family. Strength from within the eye of the hurricane – unwavering faith in Gd amidst utter devastation. 

During her eulogy, his mother, Avivit said through her tears: 

“Please. Please, I ask you all, don’t be sad. Sadness is the root of despair.

V’Ain Yiush b’olam klal : there is no despair in this world at all.

We have hope.

Our hope will be our victory.

Gd, Master of the World, I beg you.

Even though I have already begged and pleaded with You, I will never stop…

We will rise and we will use the energy of this pain.

We will create. We will build. We will love.” 

This is who we are. This is the nation that our enemies seek to destroy. The people of light – the light of nations.

Darkness will not win.

It can slash, and maim, burn, and roar. But it won’t prevail. It won’t win.

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

We will rise. We will shine.