May the wine we drink, the Torah we share, the food we eat, and the stories we tell remind us of who we have been who we are now and
Move us towards who we are intended to be.
May that knowing fill our hearts, pump through our veins, and surge into every cell of our being
Illuminating body, mind and soul with purpose and connectivity
And with gratitude.
May we lean in to all that releases us,
Rest our backs on Now’s pillow
Take a deep breath and hold her deep.
May we open our homes to all who are hungry
For love, truth, a kind word or a hot meal,
Please G-d, give us the means to feed and sustain each other.
Let our vessel be strong
And let us be brave enough to relive the story we tell.
The bitter and the sweet,
The rupture and the repair.
Let us not be afraid to feel – to break or to rebuild.
Let us pulsate with the joy that comes from whole and a broken heart.
Let us know, sweet G-d, in the deepest way that we are one people, with one heart.
Let our differences in story-telling highlight our unity.
Let us paint a communal mural on ancient stone with soul and spirit –
Let the gap between Heaven and Earth be our canvas.
Let our work until now be enough to bridge that gap.
Let each cup we drink be an elixir to both spirit and tongue.
Let us speak true – speak straight – speak wise and speak right.
Let every word shared on this blessed night bring us closer to what matters.
Closer to You.
Let freedom be a bucket You release from On High.
Let us dance and sing in it that rush.
Help us be more ready than we have ever been to hold all this and more
And let us step slowly and proud, with dignity and with grace into redemption