I’ve been uber focused on my new work/life schedule – and I’m pleased to report that I have been “nailing it” in the productivity and stick-with-it department.

That’s a big deal for me because extended bouts of focus is hard for me.

Like really, really hard.

But, I’ve been working my plan, managing my time well, and feeling really good about the developments I’ve made both personally and professionally. To borrow a phrase from my father, I’ve been “Kicking a$$ and taking names” on all fronts.

This morning, mid-productivity “shvung,” I got a phone call. Apparently, I forgot to turn off my ringer – and I don’t have caller ID on my office phone. I picked up, with total intention of hanging up promptly on whoever was on the other line under the “Workin’ Here!” platform I’ve been perched on.

It was a close, dear friend of mine on the other line who I hadn’t spoke with in quite some time.

“Hey!” I said as upbeat as I could muster in that moment. “Everybody good by you?”

“Yep.” She said. “You?”

“Awesome. Just working now, I’ll call you later.”


I could tell she was annoyed when we hung up – but whatever… I was working and honoring the commitment I made to myself to finish what I had set on my work plate for that morning.

Me time baby!

I did however call back several hours later.

I am so grateful I did.

I could hear something wasn’t right in her voice the second she picked up.

Turns out she had a whole heck of a lot going on in her life. Like, major, scary medical stuff in addition to the sudden and unexpected loss of her close friend. I was able to listen, offer support, some practical advice and mostly – I was able to hold some space for a sweet, good, kind friend who is slugging it out in some of life’s dirtier trenches at the moment.

I don’t ever want to be too busy to do that.

My take away/My prayer:

Please G-d, let me never be so involved in my own personal plan and development that I forget that I am here to serve others. Help me carve out the time that I both deserve and desire for personal reflection and development – but, please, remind me, kindly, that the point of any “me” time I spend is about being of service to others… especially to those that have served me so good and true throughout my journey to here.

Thank You G-d for follow up phone calls – thank You for friends who are willing to have me, even when I show up late and out of breath. Thank You for my health – body, mind and soul. And mostly, Thank You for more chances to get it right.